L&T Edu-Solutions specializes in student development programmes that support young people at a holistic level with emphasis to mainstream subjects at both secondary and tertiary level. This is done through the design and formulation of effective and efficient programmes to provide direct support to learners at various schools and institutions in our country. Our role is to improve the quality of results produced by our learners and students, to provide first time jobs and essential training to young graduates and current students, as well as to provide an impactful platform for companies to invest in the social upliftment of local communities. L&T believes that investing in Education pays the best Returns!!

The programmes we undertake


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Learner Support

Holistic support of high school learners through tutorial sessions, motivation and career guidance.

Bursary Scheme

Collaborate with companies to manage, support and develop students throughout their university studies

Portable Skills

Offer young people portable skills that can be used for employment or entrepreneurship

2nd Chance Matric

Support learners that are enrolled in the DBE's 2nd Chance Matric Programme through teaching and tutorials

Youth Support Through Collaboration

Partnering with funders for the development of our youth

Why we do it!

Unemployment rate remains high in South Africa (at 30%) and yet lack of skill is still a challenge to many industries, more especially our mining industry. Careers related to Maths and Science remain in high demand in the country with many of our learners shying away from these subjects due to the perceived difficulty.

Residence from rural areas, mining communities and townships are categorised by high unemployment rates, lack of skills, poor matric results, no post matric studies etc. Although companies are blamed for not developing local people, many of the local people have performed poorly in their high school results.

While learners from suburban South Africa may have strong, well developed teachers and multiple tutors for each subject, learners from these areas have to make do with a just the support of a teacher.

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Strengthening the quality of our Education and improving learner success will require collaborative efforts of both the Government, Private Sector and Organisations driven by Social Impact. With emphasis placed on rural areas, mining comunities and townships where the quality of education and the level of support is at its lowest.

Our Impact Model

Our impact is directed to three causes based on the observed needs in our country, making us a bridge to the three parties.

Group 1: Learners

  • Daily classes, information sessions & motivation that promotes the studying efficacy of learners and thus improving chances of success.

2500 Learners Supported

35 Schools Supported

Group 2: Youth

  • Providing first time jobs and essential training to young graduate and students that allows them to gain the neccessary experience and complete university requirements (for teachers).

78 Currently Employed Youth

25 Youth in Development

Group 3: Funders

  • Providing a platform for social investment and developing a pool of learners that are eligible for development through bursaries and learnerships.

7 Current Projects

7 Funding Partners

Our Implementation Models

Our programmes are structured to target young people at different levels of the path ensuring effective and directed support and development. Our strategies are tailored to meet the demanding needs of our evolving labour market and are aligned to the technological developments of our economies and the global standards.

Learner Support

Learner Tutorials and Exam Preparation

  • Differentiated Tutorials
  • Mock Assessments
  • Learning Skills
  • Career Guidance

Bursary Scheme

Student Care and Development

  • University Visits
  • Results accountability
  • Development Sessions
  • Work Readiness

Portable Skills

Skills for Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Basic Subject Training
  • College enrollment
  • Development Sessions
  • Entrepreneurship

2nd Chance Matric

Revision and Exam Preperations

  • Teaching Sessions
  • Tutorial Sessions
  • Exam Preperations
  • Career Guidance

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Our 2021 Results

L&T supported over 34 secondary schools in 2021, with more than a thousand learners doing Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Most of our beneficiaries were under the Anglo-American South Africa (AASA) Education Programme where 30 schools were supported, with the total of 947 learners, 845 of the learners were doing both subjects whilst 95 were doing Mathematics only and 7 were doing Physical Sciences only. The number of learners in the programme who wrote the NSC examinations in both Mathematics and Physical Sciences was 903 and 819 respectively, and 60% passed Mathematics whilst 64% passed Physical Sciences. The 60% in Mathematics translates to an improvement of 1% from the 2020 academic year, this is a remarkable success for the programme, given that the number of learners had improved by 10% compared to 2022. Furthermore, Mathematics performance surpassed the national performance by 2%, and this was never a reality before the inception of the programme. In Physical Sciences, 21 out of 30 supported schools managed to improve their results in 2021 compared to 2020.

Most Improved Region: Mogalakwena

Mogalakwena and Kuruman are some of the regions which have shown incredible improvement in their results as compared to their low results in 2019 – before inception of the programme. Both regions were performing far below their district average pass rate, provinces, and the country, but their historical trends took a positive turn with the programme, as they are now leading their counterparts. Mogalakwena schools performed exceptionally well in Mathematics. The district’s Mathematics results have been improving steadily year on year and their Physical Sciences moved from 55% in 2019 to 77% in 2021. That is a 22% increase over three (3) years.

Most Improved Region: Kuruman

In Kuruman, schools performed beyond expectations with continuous and enormous improvement, especially with 22% improvement in Mathematics from 2019. The cluster has achieved its highest pass rate of 78% in Physical Sciences for the first time in the past three (3) years. The good stories that were born out of the programmes that L&T has implemented in 2021 have shown great potential in areas that are currently struggling, as such continuous improvement is the key

Congradulations to the L&T Team and everyone who contributed to this wonderful results. We wish our learners the best of luck with their future endeavours