Growth is inevitable

""Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning"

Benjamin Franklin


L&T Edu-Solutions specializes in student development and results improvement at secondary school level, with emphasis on Maths and Science related subjects. This is achieved through designing and formulating effective and efficient tutoring programmes that specificly cater for individual needs of learners in the programme. The programmes are scheduled such that lessons are provided to learners at various schools and at reasonable times throughout the year without disrupting learner schedules and school programs.

The company started in 2015 at the Grenville Secondary School in Rustenburg. Commencement was with merely 5 learners in the program, with Lucky and Thabo (the cofounders) as tutors of Mathematics and Physical science . The company flourished from then and now comprises of a team of 3 directors and over 10 employees and has included other Maths Literacy and Accounting into the programme. It has managed to expand its horizons from one school to over six schools around Rustenburg including a sponsered programme at Tirelong High School.

Direct Learner Support

What We Do!!

Our programme consist of weekday (after school) tutorial classes and weekend lessons designed to learner convenience. All our programmes are designed to unlock optimal learner potential for academic excellence through:

  • High qaulity tutoring sessions
  • Efficient revision classes
  • Informative career guidance
  • Powerful motivational talks
  • Academic excellence awards ceremony

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Success is derived from hours of hardwork

Our job is to lift up those who are left short, to inspire those who lack motivation, to assist those that are struggling, and ensure the quality of our education become that of international standards.

Our values


We believe every individual who commit fully to their work, will succeed beyond average


we believe every individual needs to have a clear direction towards which their goals and actions lead.


We believe having great passion for something is more than enough motivation to encourage hard work.


Our ultimate goal is to see our learners succeed in their academic endeavours.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an efficient provider of quality and affordable tutoring programmes to learners and schools around South Africa. To have an improved collaboration between teachers, parents and our tutors for the best interest of our learners. To assist in the improvement of the overall standard of the education system both at the school level and national level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to hire only the top university students and graduates as our tutors, provide the tutors with sufficient training and guidance to ensure that quality service is provided to our clients. We have set models for both group tutoring and individual tutoring which allow our services to be not only efficient but affordable as well. We are constantly engaging with parents and teachers to ensure the programmes are aligned with the school’s program and to keep the parents well informed about their children’s academics

Our Growth Road-Map

Our outstanding impact is observed both from the results our learners achieve and the way our learners assimilate quickly to the university life due to the endless preperation we do with our learners at high school level.

Meet the team

Lucky Ramunongo

Lucky has a degree in Mining Engineering from Wits University. He is the co-founder of L&T Edu-Solutions and he deals with all client related issues and sponsorship programmes. He is the driver of the company, very eager to see growth in the company.

Thabo Makhadimele

Thabo has a degree in Mining Engineering from Wits University. He is the co-founder of L&T Edu-Solutions and is in charge of the day to day operation of the company. He is very enthusiastic about Maths and teaching. He is the backbone of the company.

Jack Segoale

Jack has a degree in Mining Engineering from Wits University. He joined L&T Edu-Solutions in 2016 as a partner and he does all the graphic designs and web development for the company. He's the face behind the company branding and marketing.